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Hypertext Encyclopedia of Laboratory Methods on the web and CD-ROM

Textbooks, lectures and other educational textsprepared in last years are on-line (mostly in Czech language) available on WWW server of 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague on URL: http://www.lf1.cuni.cz/ukb/.This presentaion is concerned to our last project of hypertext, multimedia encyclopedia of laboratory methods -GastroLab(URL: http://gelab.zde.cz).This pilot chapter is focused to gastroenterology. There are 47 laboratory methods, described in concise text, supplemented with 38 PowerPoint images, 237 on-line linksto last scientific papers (MEDLINE database) and direct links into National Registry of Laboratory Methods (NCLP = National Reference Table of Laboratory Items) on the server of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic -URL: http://www.mzcr.cz.The GastroLab is now included into another hypertext project -Encyclopedia of Laboratory Medicine. This CD-ROM publication was issued in December 2002, 2nd updated edition will be ready in June 2003, edited by prof. A. Jabor at co-workers (Institute of Postgraduate Education).

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