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Medical Informatics and Information Science

Hypertext Encyclopedia of Laboratory Methods on the web and CD-ROM

Author: Petr Kocna

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Textbooks, lectures and other educational textsprepared in last years are on-line (mostly in Czech language) available on WWW server of 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague on URL: http://www.lf1.cuni.cz/ukb/.This presentaion is concerned to our last project of hypertext, multimedia encyclopedia of laboratory methods -GastroLab(URL: http://gelab.zde.cz).This pilot chapter is focused to gastroenterology. There are 47 laboratory methods, described in concise text, supplemented with 38 PowerPoint images, 237 on-line linksto last scientific papers (MEDLINE database) and direct links into National Registry of Laboratory Methods (NCLP = National Reference Table of Laboratory Items) on the server of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic -URL: http://www.mzcr.cz.The GastroLab is now included into another hypertext project -Encyclopedia of Laboratory Medicine. This CD-ROM publication was issued in December 2002, 2nd updated edition will be ready in June 2003, edited by prof. A. Jabor at co-workers (Institute of Postgraduate Education).

Ultrasonography - diagnostics in medicine

Author: Daniel Smutek

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A presentation discusses usage of ultrasound imaging as diagnostic method in medicine. In the beginning basic physical principles of ultrasound are presented. Then we show different ultrasound findings (images) which represent basic types of ultrasound examination. Part of not reflected waves goes through the boundary and changes its direction in the same ratio as the ratio between propagation velocities in the environments in question.