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Abdominal procedures in gynaecological oncology

Author: David Cibula, Tomáš Herrmann

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ESGO supports initiatives in postgraduate education in gynaecological oncology in Europe. The movies features an excellent demonstration of the individual steps of the common abdominal procedures in gynaecological ontology as performed in the one centre. It does not claim to show 'correct' or 'definitive' approach but is an honest attempt to provide a valuable tool for training and discussion.

Gross Anatomy Dissection Videos

Author: Ondřej Naňka

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This page contains links to short video demonstrations of regional anatomy of human body. An attention is fixed to those regions which are the subjects of dissection course. The videos are recommended for revision of your knowledge before dissection courses and practical part of the final exam. To enter this page you need your SIS login and password.


Atlas of Radiological Images

Author: Lukáš Lambert

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A web based atlas of thousands of radiological images grouped into clinical cases with concise description of the case and the finding. Images are grouped according to topography, organ, and modality. A number of images have set a skill level to guide pregraduate students. Numerous keywords link to their respective cases. The atlas issues a Google gadget "Radiology case of the day", which displays every day a different imaging case on your desktop.

Introduction to Biological Psychiatry

Author: Zdeněk Fišar

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Biological psychiatry occupies itself by mental disorders from biological, chemical and physical point of view. It is postulated that changes in brain signal transmission are essential in development of mental disorders. The purpose of this teaching material is to describe cellular and molecular properties of neurons, mechanisms of psychotropic drugs action and biological basis of mental disorders. Familiarity with biochemistry and physiology is supposed.