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Interactive simulators

Database of virtual histological slides

Author: Tomáš Nikl

Database of virtual histological slides taken on the Olympus „dotSlide“ microscope was opened by the Institute for Histology and Embryology.

To view it, you can use web browser or application OlyVIA. 

For webpage access http://mikroskop.lf1.cuni.cz use credentials:
Username and password are the same as to: CAS (SIS) info
Installation file for OlyVIA application (size 300MB)

For OlyVIA access use credentials:
Login name according to requested database: hist_student or biol_student
Password: student

We wish you a pleasant browsing experience.
Prof. Jinrich Martinek, MD. PhD.
Institute of Histology and Embryology, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

Cardiac output measurement - Thermodilution

Author: Mikuláš Mlček

annotation image

Interactive Flash animation demonstrating the principles of thermodilution measurement of cardiac output. (flash animation).  Measuring cardiac output is of paramount importance in the management of critically ill patients in the intensive care unit and of 'high risk' surgical patients in the operating room. Alternatives to thermodilution are now available and are gaining acceptance among practitioners who have been trained almost exclusively in the use of the pulmonary artery catheter.

Oxygen consumption estimation (animation)

Author: Mikuláš Mlček, Vladimír Hrachovina, Otomar Kittnar

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One-page interective animation (Flash) explaining how to estimate O2 consumption from Minute Ventilation (measured) and O2 concentration in expired air (measured). The Physiology lab procedure "Metabolic rate measurement" is based on this principle. Measurement of the rate of oxygen consumption provides a simple, versatile and powerful tool for estimating the rate of heat release in fire experiments and fire tests. The method is based on the generalization that the heats of combustion per unit of oxygen consumed are approximately the same for most fuels commonly encountered in fires.