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Magdalena Skořepová, kozni(at)lf1.cuni.cz

Collecting of mycological skin specimens

Author: Magdalena Skořepová

This chapter shows the collecting of skin scrapings, nail debris and hairs for mycological examination. First, the lesion is cleaned by 70% alcohol to remove the contaminating molds. Scales are scraped from the active margin of the lesion. A fairly large amount of material is required for proper examination. In onychomycosis, thescrapings are taken from under the nail plate.

Clinical pictures of dermatomycoses

Author: Magdalena Skořepová

This presentation shows clinical pictures of superficial mycoses of the skin, nails and hair, together with principal differential diagnoses. Tinea of the scalp and beard: Kerion Celsi – a deep form of tinea of the scalp with purulent in fioltrates. Differentiation from a bacterial infection (carbuncle) isdifficult. Tinea barbae profunda (sycosisparasitaria) = mycotic folliculitis of the beard.


Author: Magdalena Skořepová

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  • This course provides insight into the clinical pictures, diagnosis and therapy of superficial mycoses of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. A self-assessment test is included. The study material is intended for information only and no certificate is issued.
  • The correct taking of skin, nail and hair specimens for mycological examination.
  • Images of fungal elements in microscopic preparations of skin and nail scrapings.
  • rief description of cultivation and identification methods. Images of fungal cultures, especially dermatophytes
  • Non-specific and specific topical antifungals. Guidelines for external therapy of dermatomycoses and onychomycoses.
  • A brief summary of guidelines for systemic (oral) therapy of superficial mycoses: indications, choice of drugs, risks and precautions.
  • A self-assessment test