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Exocrine Pancreatic Function Test 13C-Mixed Triglyceride Breath Test

Chronic pancreatitis could be well diagnosed by histopathology, but for clinical purposes, differential diagnostics and patient follow-up we use mainly imaging procedures and non-invasive pancreatic function tests, if available. In this study we report the 4 years experiences with noninvasive test of exocrine pancreatic function - breath test with 13C-mixed triglycerides (MTG-BT). libators, the mean difference was 4.9% (Pearson

 The diagnostic significance has been compared with determination of fecal elastase-1 in relation to new clinically oriented classification of chronic pancreatitis (Buchler and Malfertheiner, Bern 2000). The study group was 180 subjects with suspected chronic pancreatitis (CHP). The diagnosis of CHP was confirmed in 169 patients. MTG-BT test was performed with 250mg of Glyceryl-1,3-dioctadecanoate-2-octanoate-1-13C, 13C:12C ratio was analysed by infrared Isomax 4000 analyser. Cummulative recovery of 13C was calculated by two methods, Body Surface Area and Basal Metabolic Rate. Fecal elastase 1 (FELA) was determined using monoclonal antibody (ScheboTech, Germany). Cummulative recovery (cPDR) significantly distinguishes severe CHP (grade C3) from all other groups, mild CHP (grade A) is significantly higher compared to other groups of CHP. Precission NDIRS x IRMS was checked 15times using calibration IRMS reference ca

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