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Immunology, Allergology

The Role of IgA and IgG Classes of anti-tissue Transglutaminase in Coeliac Screening

Author: Petr Kocna, Zdislava Vaníčková, Miloš Dvořák, Jindřiška Perušičová

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In this study we compared different algorithms using four serology markers of CD in a group of 1451 patients. The correlation of two ELISA methods (Genesis, DPC Millenia) of atTG IgA class was high (r = 0.930), correlations of at TG (DPC) and antigliadin (AG) antibodies were significantly higher in the IgA class than IgG class, Spearman’s coeff. were 0.607 and 0.423 respectively. The clinical benefit of IgG atTG antibodies determination could be exhibited by 7 cases highly positive in IgG class but negative in IgA class of atTG, or by 5 cases in the screening strategy positive with IgG atTG from 78 cases negative in all IgA class antibodies (AGA, EmA, atTG).