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Zuzana Zemanová

Clinical Relevance of Complex Chromosomal Aberrations

Author: Zuzana Zemanová, a kol.

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Cryptic translocation t(12;21)(p13;q22) which give origin to the ETV6/RUNX1 hybrid gene can be found by I-FISH in approximately 20-25% of children with B precursor ALL as the most frequent specific aberration. This translocation is generally associated with good outcome. Despite of its favorable prognostic value, late relapses may occur within this group of patients. 

Contribution of molecular cytogenetic analyses to diagnosis and treatment of malignant brain tumours

Author: Zuzana Zemanová, Kyra Michalová, Libuše Babická, Šárka Ransdorfová, Jela Melicherčíková, Filip Kramář, Petr Hrabal, Petr Kozler

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Diffuse gliomas are heterogeneous group of central nervous system tumours with various histological subtypes that differ in their response to treatment and in the prognosis of the disease. The most frequent are tumors derived from astrocytes and/or from oligodendrocytes. Differentiation of glial subtypes based solely on morphology is subjective and also treatment (actinotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery) is rather problematic.