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Radiology and Imaging

Ultrasonography - diagnostics in medicine

Author: Daniel Smutek

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A presentation discusses usage of ultrasound imaging as diagnostic method in medicine. In the beginning basic physical principles of ultrasound are presented. Then we show different ultrasound findings (images) which represent basic types of ultrasound examination. Part of not reflected waves goes through the boundary and changes its direction in the same ratio as the ratio between propagation velocities in the environments in question.

Atlas of Radiological Images

Author: Lukáš Lambert

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A web based atlas of thousands of radiological images grouped into clinical cases with concise description of the case and the finding. Images are grouped according to topography, organ, and modality. A number of images have set a skill level to guide pregraduate students. Numerous keywords link to their respective cases. The atlas issues a Google gadget "Radiology case of the day", which displays every day a different imaging case on your desktop.